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Why Pick Up Lines Suck And Fail For Most Men - What To Do Instead

Author: Sebastian Drake

Okay, we can divide this down right away into two categories: Pickup lines that just plain suck, and solid communication that comes across like a pickup line that sucks if not delivered properly. We’ll address them both.

Pickup lines that just plain suck, period:

These are listed as “Most Popular Pickup Lines”. We’re taking them to task and trashing them, without permission, under the “Fair Use” doctrine. Lame-pickup-line-users worldwide may revolt. Let them.

So here’s the collection of lameness:

  • Is that the sun coming up... or is that just you lighting up my world?
  • Let's make like a fabric softener and snuggle.
  • Is your last name Gillete cause your the best a man can get.
  • Do you want to make millions? millions of babies!
  • Hi, have you got a boyfriend? (if no,) Are you taking applications?
  • My love for you is like the universe...neverending!!
  • Your senses must be messed up 'cuz your eyes are talkin' to me.
  • I tripped on a kiss and fell in love with you.

These don’t work.

Normally I’m gracious, and I rarely make dogmatic statements. If something just “mostly sucks”, usually you’ll hear me saying, “Okay, xyz doesn’t usually work, however with the right delivery…”

With these “pickup lines”? Nope. No chance. They suck, and don’t work. At all. Ever. Period.

Why don’t they work?

Because they’re written to shield you from putting your ego on the line.

When you deliver one of these, it’s not YOU, it’s some lame pickup line writer somewhere who is probably a virgin. Most guys are afraid of “putting themselves on the line”, so they hide behind “joking” that they’re interested in the girl.

And girls don’t dig that.

So what’s better?

Try communicating what you DO like – A favorite of mine is to say, “I saw you standing over here, and I had to say that [UNIQUE QUALITY ABOUT HER] is really [NON-CLICHÉ COMPLIMENT].”

I saw you standing over here, and I had to say your hair is really shimmering, just absolutely beautiful.

I saw you walking by, and I had to say that you’ve got the most deadly walk I’ve ever seen.

I saw you sitting here, and I had to say your fashion is just totally fantastic.

Mean it! Don’t make stuff up, or use generic garbage like “You look pretty!”

When this fails –

If it comes across like it’s canned, like a regular trash “pickup line”, it won’t work. In fact, you already know regular pickup lines don’t work if you’ve tried using them. So instead try making more unique comments, while working on –

Getting the delivery right!

Delivery is EVERYTHING with the words you speak to a girl. You’re going to want to speak smoothly and slowly, employ long pauses for emphasis, and add emotion to how you speak.

One of the problems is many guys have never heard good delivery of an unpickup line so to speak. The idea of how to compliment a girl correctly is so totally alien to them that they just “blurt out” what they’re saying, which inevitably messes up the delivery, and the girl gives you the cold shoulder. Suck. Ouch.

That’s why I worked with Seduction Tuition to put up some unique audio samples for you to check out and learn from. You can find them here:

In your corner,

Sebastian Drake