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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

Seduction Concepts

Seduction Concepts concerns the concepts and techniques used in different stages of the seduction process.  Now that we have gotten rid of some useless and often detrimental beliefs that is affecting our inner game, its time to get out there and reap the rewards.

Body Language And Flirting

Body Language and Flirting discusses the ways in which we present ourselves in an attractive manner.  You may have a great identity yet the way you present yourself could be detrimental to picking up and seducing women.


Approaching deals with the initial stage of the pick up.  Learn when and how you should approach women.

Building Attraction

Building Attraction discusses the concepts and techniques in getting women to become attracted to you.  This is especially important in the initial stages of picking up and seducing women.

Building Comfort

Building Comfort discusses the concepts and techniques in getting women to become comfortable in your presence.  After building attraction we have to build a connection that solidifies our interaction with the target.


Escalation discusses the concepts and techniques on how to escalate in our interaction with women that sets the foundation for the close.


Closing discusses the concepts required to achieve our goals.  This can range from getting her phone number, setting up a date, or even getting laid.


Winging discusses good practices in working together with your wing to achieve your goals


Dating discusses concepts of taking a girl on dates after the first meeting.  The first date is normally called a day 2. 


Relationship discusses the concepts behind maintaining and spicing up your relationships with women.  This topic is especially important for those whose goals are to have a long term relationship rather than a just short fling.

Better Lover

Better Lover discusses the ways to spice up ones love life. 

Style And Adjustments

Style and Adjustments discusses the styles of picking up women and any adjustments that we could make to enhance our success rate.  It is a more advanced section of the site, worth reading for those who has been seducing women regularly and wants to make adjustments to their game.  Take your skills to the next level people.