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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

PUA Routines

Seduction PUA Routines are field tested things you could say or do to attract and seduce women.  This section allows you to pre plan what you should say and do to get the result you want.  As you put these routines to use, you will eventually learn how to be spontaneous leading you to become more natural.  However, knowing exactly what to do when you are early in your development will give you a boost in confidence. Check out the pua routines manual.

How To Construct Routines

Any newbie can spout the best friends test. Or the sisters/bubble wrap/angel devil script. Or say that he and random HB would never get along. All of these are awesome, and have their place in a PU. But none of them convey WHAT KIND OF GUY YOU ARE.


Openers are routines on the first things you should say or do when you first approach women. 

Story Telling

Story Telling is the act of telling stories that lets the women know you better or to DHV.  When telling a story make sure it is congruent with your identity.  Use the following articles as examples or you could just modify it to your own.


Attraction Routines are what you should say or do in order to gain attraction from women. Pebbles are also included here (to amp up the fun, excitement and interest in your pick up) .


Comfort Routines are what you should say or do in order to build comfort in your interactions with women.  After gaining attraction, you need to build a connection through comfort.

Dealing With Obstacles

Dealing with Obstacles discusses the obstacles that we encounter during picking up and seducing women.  This could be that she has a boyfriend, her friends are obstructing you (known as cock blocking), or even that another guy is trying his luck


Closing Routines are used for getting what you originally wanted when you first decided to approach.  This could be a phone number, arranging to meet again, a kiss and more.

Gimmicks, Games And Tests

Gimmicks, Games and Tests are used to spice up the interaction with curiosity and fun.

Transitioning And Structure

Transitioning and Structure discusses how you should transition from one routine to another, as well as the structure of the pick up.