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Conveying Attraction Assets

Author: Swinggcat

The Right Way To Brag To Women

Fact: Sporting a fat bank account, becoming a Rhodes scholar, speaking five languages fluently, and having traveled the world three times over again are all attraction assets that CAN dramatically boost your success with women if used in the right way.

Here's why…

The more attraction assets you reveal to a woman in the right way, the higher your PRIZABILITY – the degree to which she sees you as a PRIZE she's compelled to win over.

Typically, as your PRIZABILITY with a woman increases, so does the attraction she feels toward you.

“But, Swinggcat, I don't have any attraction assets,” you might be worrying.

Everyone possesses attraction assets. Maybe they don't know it yet. Do you know a stupid magic trick you stole from a kindergartener when you were in the first grade? Can you wiggle your ears or curl your tongue?

My point…

You Can Turn Anything Into An Attraction Asset, As Long As You Present It To Women In The Right Way!

Have you ever noticed how much time most women put into wrapping a present? They've got to find the perfect paper, the right ribbons and bows, and the ideal card. How the present is presented is more important, for many women, than the present itself.

The same holds true for conveying attraction assets.

In a minute I'm going to reveal the right way to convey an attraction asset.

But first…

I want to tell you a story. Inside this story you'll discover a dangerous mistake most men are guilty of yet oblivious to...

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine. The conversation started off friendly yet ended up turning into a proverbial Quaalude. If conversations had a taste or smell, this one would have reeked of foot and ass.

He started overtly bragging to me about all of the people he knew, money he had… and so on.

After twenty minutes of him boasting galore, I was bored out of my mind. I felt like he was trying to get a job from me, presenting his résumé the best he could.

I was not impressed.

Am I jaded?

No – because no matter how spine-tingling his accomplishments were, I'd be yawning with boredom.

In fact… It wasn't anything he said in particular that turned me off.

What irked me was the way he said it. How he bragged made him look desperate for approval from me.

His Need For Validation Made Him Look Like A Hungry Coyote Who Hadn't Eaten In Weeks!

What is the lesson to be learned?

Bragging in a way that conveys a need for approval and validation turns women off – especially those who are educated, intelligent, and experienced.

You could have the most impressive résumé in the world, but if you brag in a way that conveys your need for validation and approval, your attraction assets will mutate into attraction liabilities.

Here's why…

When you seek a woman's validation and approval, the Meta-Frame or the underlying meaning of your interaction with her gets recontextualized as her being the PRIZE, not you. This is dangerous because…

Women Feel No Attraction Toward Men They Don't Perceive As A Prize!

But the good news is…

There are ways to present your attraction assets to women without looking needy for validation or approval.

Here's one of my favorites...

I'll tell a woman a story to disclose my attraction assets.

But here's the key… and this is important… so pay attention…

The plot of the story is never about one of my attraction assets. If it were, I'd risk coming across as needy to impress women.

Instead, my attraction assets become either a detail within the story or the context the story takes place in.

I've got a fun, light-hearted story, for example, I've been telling women for years about how when I was in Prague I discovered that all women are perverts.

While the plot is devoid of any attraction assets, the context the story takes place in contains the attraction asset I want to convey – namely, that I'm well traveled.

A friend once argued: “If a woman has been to Prague, isn't the attraction asset you're trying to disclose going to have as little impact as conveying to her that you've been to McDonalds before?”

If she's spent time in Prague , this story ain't gonna make her drop to her knees and kiss your feet.

But so what! Most likely, it's not that often she comes across someone who's also been to Prague . You and her share an experience the people around you probably don't. And that, my friend, is an attraction asset in its own right.

Every Ladies Man Has At Least A Few Great Stories – And For A Good Reason…

Storytelling is one of the best mediums for conveying your attraction assets to a woman.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of my ebook do so by clicking here. It's the foundation for everything I teach.

Your Loyal Dating Coach,



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