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A Small Fib That Might Be Crippling Your Love Life...

Author: Swinggcat

Question from a reader...

"Hey Swinggcat,

First of all, I've been on your mailing list for like a week now, and EVERY SINGLE thing that you sent was on point, and extremely useful for attracting women....i'm finding myself speaking to women differently and getting the responses i want from them.  This stuff is priceless.

I have a question though....

I'm in a relationship with a woman I really love, and I really wanna keep this going with her...I've noticed that, like most men, I'm beginning to wander into the "wuss" section of the relationship....I'm showing my jealousy over small things, and giving into her too much.

I tried taking some of your advice and just being more confident, but I ended up coming off ass too cocky.  I wanna know how to increase my PRIZABILITY during my relationship.  And how should I handle jealousy stuff, cuz I know that it pushes them away.  In short, which techniques of yours can I apply to a relationship that is already established, and what are some definite ways to not only keep her madly attracted to me, but also just keep her, period."

Rajon Brooks

Swinggcat's response:

Your question hints at some key dating and attraction issues – ones that I've wanted to address for a while.

A crippling myth in our culture purports that once you're in a committed relationship with a woman you no longer need to worry about attracting her.

I have a friend, for example, who's a really nice guy. If a flea was in trouble, he'd bend over backwards to save it. But he's got zero skill at attracting women – and I'm being nice!

His mother incessantly tells him, “Being single isn't your bag. But don't worry. The same qualities that prevent you from succeeding in the single's scene trenches are going to make you flourish in matrimony.”

Her advice is benevolently damaging. She means well. But she's causing him harm. Can you guess why? If you don't know, you will in a few minutes.

Here's the problem with mom's advice…

Healthy women are sexual beings.

Translation: They feel happiest when they have satisfying sex lives with men who are constantly triggering attraction in them.

A woman might think you are the greatest guy in the world. Maybe you've been married to her for twenty years? Maybe she has tons of fun with you? Maybe you have sex with her every night?

But here's the harsh reality…

If you fail to spark attraction with a woman you're in a relationship with, she'll feel unhappy until she finds a lover who does.

To the horror of your heart, self esteem, and penis, nine times out of ten your relationship will take a turn for the tragic: from her acting moody to withholding sex from you to leaving you for another man.

Every so often a guy with no confidence and skill inadvertently triggers attraction in a woman and ends up in a relationship with her.

But because he lacks the confidence and skills to sustain the attraction the relationship, more often than not, dwindles to a suicidal trickle.

Another scenario of tragic proportions is when a ladies' man stops triggering attraction in his girlfriend or wife. He's got the skill to spark attraction at his whim but thinks, “Since she's my girl, I don't need to worry about her feeling attraction for me.”

Big mistake! This can mutate a sweet woman into a cold-as-ice rhymes-with-witch.

“I tried taking some of your advice and just being more confident, but I ended up coming off as too cocky.  I wanna know how to increase my PRIZABILITY during my relationship.  And how should I handle jealousy stuff, cuz I know that it pushes them away.”

For people new to my newsletters: Prizability is having enough value in a woman's eyes that if you walked away, rejected her, or didn't validate her, she'd take it as a loss.

Onto your question…

I'm assuming you want to know how to increase both Prizability and attraction in your relationship, right?

I could go on for hours, laying out technique after technique on generating attraction and increasing Prizability.

But without confidence, these techniques are rendered futile.

There are two main ingredients to possessing confidence…

1) Having the unwavering belief that you are gonna achieve your intended outcome...

Desire in the absence of belief is neediness. Acting needy will make you about as attractive to women as dingle berries hanging from a baboon's behind.

“How about the old 'fake it ‘til you make it' philosophy? What if I mask my insecurities with powerful body language and wickedly funny humor?” you might be thinking.

Do this and you are about as safe as a blind pig waddling into a slaughterhouse.

Posturing confidence is a losing battle. Women can spot a man trying to cover up his insecurities a mile away.

Let's take your case for example…

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you didn't act too cocky.


You came across as fake cocky. She sensed that your cocky attitude wasn't congruent with your belief system. That's when you killed the attraction, my man.

2) Keeping your emotions in check...

If a man emotionally falls apart when his woman talks to another guy in front of him, doesn't call for a day, busts his balls, or screams at him, he isn't in control of his emotions.

If you can't control your emotions, keeping the attraction going is gonna be a long hard slog.

Here's a crash course in boosting your confidence…

Think of five empowering beliefs you'd like have that would help you attract and succeed with women.

Write them down. So, for example, maybe you want to believe that women see you as a giant sausage with feet. In that case you'd write down: Women see me as a giant sausage with feet.

After you've written down five beliefs, I want you to say each one ten times out loud. Make a habit for the next month of saying each belief out loud at least ten times twice a day.

Here's something else to do…

Hallucinate the outcome you want with a woman. I'm not talkin' taking LSD or mescaline. All hallucinating means is to imagine seeing, hearing, or otherwise sensing people, things, or events that are not present or actually occurring at the time.

If, for example, your goal is to get women laughing and giggling and feeling attraction toward you when using Push-Push with them, then here's what you'd do…

A few minutes before bed, imagine using Push-Pull on women and, as a result, them laughing and giggling and feeling attraction toward you.

This works because your unconscious mind can't distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary. Confidence and strong beliefs are almost solely determined by what the unconscious mind rehearses.

So remember: The more you rehearse strong beliefs and the outcome you want, the more confident you'll come across when interacting with the women you desire.

Let's recap: Generating attraction in women doesn't end once you're in a relationship with them.

Without confidence attracting women is a painful slog. Confidence is made up of two elements… having a strong belief system and keeping your emotions in check.

Two exercises you can do to boost your confidence is saying five empowering beliefs out loud daily and rehearsing the outcome you want with a woman in advance.

If you've read this far, I think you realize just how crucial possessing the skills and confidence to trigger attraction is for succeeding with a woman whether she's someone you just met or someone you're in a long term relationship with.

You realize that if you don't master the skill and develop the confidence there's a good chance it's going to cripple your love life.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it… but I know this from first hand experience…

My high school girlfriend left me because I didn't possess the confidence and skills to keep her attracted to me.

Suffering and despair turned to motivation for me develop my confidence and skills at attracting women.

Problem was… when I started I didn't have any mentors to put me on the right track. Back then, there weren't any. At least I didn't know of any. I had to go through heaps of trial and error.

But through a lot hard work and experimenting I've come up with a step-by-step method that gives you the tools and confidence to attract women at your whim.

I've put the entire method into my course so you don't have to spend years piddling around, trying to figure this stuff out on your own like I did.

And there's nowhere else on the planet you can learn this method.

Just like many others have been doing, you too can catapult your current lifestyle with women by getting your hands on a copy of my course right now. You deserve it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I think you owe it to yourself to start succeeding with the women you really want.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of my ebook do so by clicking here. It's the foundation for everything I teach.

Your Loyal Dating Coach,



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