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Mind Goes Blank While Talking To Women

Author: Swinggcat

A Man Wondering What To Do After Approaching A Woman…

Hey Swinggcat,

I have been going through your newsletters religiously and have found them extremely useful and explainable. When I say explainable, I really mean it.... to be honest, I am also receiving other newsletters on this topic and most of the time I find either 1.) They are Bragging or 2.) They understand the game very nicely but are not able to explain it to the guys like me.

This is my first ever question to anyone in market on this topic. I am not into clubbing very much.. I started going out a couple of weeks before, I am also able to break up into a group of two women (at the moment) initiate conversation with some canned openers, but I am not able to keep it up.. I sort of dry out after a few minutes, I feel awkward and I just say bye to them and then walkout... What would be your recommendations for me?

Many Thanks in advance,

S from U.K.

Swinggcat's Comments:

Take a deep breath my man. Relax. This is easy. What you're describing is a problem plaguing men across the globe.

Here's the same movie I've seen about a million times: Guy approaches a woman, says a couple words, and then a few seconds later the interaction dwindles down to nothing.

About half those times were me going belly up. And the others: watching friends, students, and strangers let yet another girl slip away.

Whether you're meeting women at parties, coffee shops, bookstores, bars, or nightclubs, without keeping the ball rolling after approaching them, your chances of success are grim.

Whether you're approaching a woman alone or a group of twenty females, if you can't follow up after your opener, you're destined for a lonely night complete with KY jelly in one hand, and a Kleenex in the other.

You mentioned using a canned opener. I'm assuming you don't mean one of those cheesy pick up lines like, “Did it hurt?” and when the girl replies “what!” you gush, “When you fell from heaven.”

I think you're talkin' about having a prepared conversational piece for starting conversations with women. Many of the best ladies' men use them. I use them from time to time. And I teach how to develop and use them in both my book and audio course.

When using a canned opener to approach women, a beginner, now and again, runs up against at least one of three roadblocks:

1) The conversational opener doesn't go over well. He feels he's slaughtered his chances with her and creeps away wearing an existential funk ten times the size of his deflated ego.

2) The canned opener works so well, the girl can't stop yapping away about it. But he struggles to no avail to steer the conversation in a new direction or onto a different topic.

3) After completing his opener, fear and anxiety snake into his mind, giving him a momentary lobotomy, and leaving him brain dead and clueless about what words should leap out of his mouth next.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you've experienced one if not more of these roadblocks. You might even want me to spoon feed you word-for-word lines to spout at women after your canned opener.

When your opener has come to an end there are hundreds of possible conversation topics to segue into. Inside my course I give heaps of ideas and word-for-word examples.

But in this letter I'm NOT going to tell you what to say to women after your opener. Nope.


I'm going to suggest something more subtle and powerful for jostling past the opener. Without it, your interactions with women are doomed to a suicidal gloom.

But first, I want to tell you about a friend of mine…

A few years back a buddy of mine came to me with a problem: He was a machine at approaching women. The problem was, after the opener his interactions would wilt away into nothing.

He solemnly asked, “How did you develop an infinite stream of keep-‘em-on-the-edge-of-their-seat subjects to talk about with women? Did you memorize the routines of famous comedians? Were you born with the gift of gab? What is it, damn it?!”

My answer took him aback… and might surprise you as well…

I haven't spent anytime memorizing comedians' routines. Too much work. Heck, I was the kid always forgetting his lines in my school's play.

I wasn't born with the gift of gab. Just like many hapless men before me, I'd toil away at getting a woman to like me. I'd fret over and censor every word that slid out of my mouth, making me self conscious and tongue tied and at a loss for what to talk about.

But then I had an epiphany that bitch slapped me across the face. One of those moments where you realize something you've always known unconsciously.

Once I get to know a girl, feel comfortable around her, and sense she likes me, I thought, I can just kick back, have a good time, and shoot the shit – for example, telling dumb stories from my past and talking about all the silly stuff I did as a kid.

I realized , the part of my personality I let out when I feel comfortable with a woman and believe she wants me, is ultimately what reels her in. It mushrooms my Prizability or value in her eyes.

So finally, it dawned on me...

The best way to quickly engage and generate Prizability with women you've just met is to talk to them the same way you'd talk to a girl you know, feel comfortable with, and think wants to jump your bones.

So here's the key…

You've gotta figure out, my friend, the subjects you talk about with women you know. Then use these same conversation topics with women you've just met.

Next… pretend you've known a woman you've just met for years and assume she's completely head-over-heels for you.

Take this advice to heart and you'll have the power to keep a woman engaged as long as you desire.

Remember, without possessing Prizability or the skills to engage women, triggering attraction in them is a long hard slog. Prizability sets the groundwork for attraction.

But I need to warn you…

Engaging a woman and compelling her to see you as a Prize are NOT sparking attraction in her. This might score you a woman here and there. And if you don't have any standards or preferences, then you probably don't need to learn anything more about succeeding with women.

But if you want stampedes of gorgeous women begging and clawing to get into your pants, giving you the power to pick and choose the ones you want in your life, you need to learn the psychological secrets for hitting women's attraction buttons.

I might not know you personally. I may have no idea what kind of women you're attracted to. But I do know...

What I teach gets results. I've been studying the mechanisms that trigger attraction in women for years. Some of the best ladies' men in the world religiously use my strategies and techniques because they consistently trigger uncontrollable amounts of attraction inside women.

In the old days, the only means to getting your hands on these secrets were obtaining a membership to exclusive message boards I'd occasionally write articles for or meeting me in person.

But lucky for you... times have changed because... I've packed all the knowledge and experience I've accrued over the years into an course, giving you the skills to approach, engage, build Prizability, generate attraction, and become intimate with the women you desire.

Just like many others have been doing, you too can catapult your current lifestyle with women by getting your hands on a copy of my course right now. You deserve it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I think you owe it to yourself to start succeeding with the women you really want.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of my ebook do so by clicking here. It's the foundation for everything I teach.

Your Loyal Dating Coach,


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