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Fan Club Opener

Author: Thundercat

This is one where you paint your target as your ultimate fan who borderlines on stalking you. This works best for women who are by themselves, or when you’ve isolated a woman into talking to you by herself.

You: “Hey, you like music?”

Her: “Yeah.”

You: “I’ve always wanted to be a musician. What kind of music you like?”

Her: blah, blah

You: “Yeah, me too! I’d be the most famous <her favorite type of music> musician ever! And you, you can be the president of my fan club. It’d be great. You could follow me around asking for my autograph, tell everyone how sexy I am, and no matter what I do, you can act like itÆs the greatest thing you’ve ever seen! But the minute you start following me to my home and asking to have my baby is the minute I have to fire you, so you better be good and just admire me from afar.”

You can create variations of this opener to be a “movie” star or a “sports” star or what have you, but you basically want to cast yourself as someone of immense value, and your target as someone who is obsessed with you. It’s a fun way to instantly create interest within your target. Even if she doesn’t go along with it, it’ll set the stage for further interactions.

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