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Types Of Women

Types of Women discusses how to attract and seduce different types of women, be it age, culture, or occupation. 

Secrets Of Dating Younger Women

David DeAngelo - Ah, younger women. It's taken me a long time now to finally see clearly that the appeal of younger women is not just "slight".

Reasons Why We Love Asian Women

Simon Heong - The physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their long, silky hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk.

4 Steps To Attract and Get Asian Women

Simon Heong - Succeeding with Asian women—and succeeding in life, really — is all about expanding your “comfort zone.”

Why I Started Dating Younger Women

Dean Cortez - If you're interested in dating fun, sexy younger women -- and let's be honest, what guy isn't?? -- the first and most important mindset is that women LIKE older men.

Make Chinese Women Crave You

Simon Heong - Beautiful Chinese women shouldn’t be too hard to find if you if live in a large American city...

Steps To Getting & Attracting Younger Women Than You

Dean Cortez - Your success with dating younger women is not dependent on how old you are, or how large the gap is. The approach you use for a woman your age will also work for someone younger—with a few minor tweaks.

Where To Meet Asian Women

Simon Heong - A lot of guys aren't really sure WHERE TO GO to meet Asian women.

How To Make Younger Women Chase You

Dean Cortez - Does he REALLY like me… or is he just playing games, like he does with ALL his girls? This is what should be running through her head while you tease and flirt with her.

Openers & Conversation Scripts With Asian Women

Simon Heong - Think in terms of Opener + Transition. This is the key to engaging women in good conversations. The two don’t need to be related at all.

Threesomes and Prositutes

Thundercat - Treat the fact that she’s bisexual the same way you’d treat the fact that she knows how to cook. If you’re comfortable with it and you can speak about it like it’s not a big deal and it’s natural, then it is.

How To Get Dates With Any Asian Girl

Simon Heong - Allow me give you my tactic for scoring a hot Asian girl's digits. I’m always looking to meet cute new girls and get phone numbers, and I don’t limit my "intros" to when I'm at the bars and nightclubs.

Pick Up Europe Nordics Women

Mr. M - There are over 50 different countries in Europe, each with unique cultural, geographical and religious influences. This article will focus on the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark).

Pick Up In The UK

Mr. M, 5.0 - British Girls are generally not as sexually open, or as quick to be sexual, as Americans and other Europeans.

Focusing Your Approach

Derek Vitalio - Different ladies like different things.  If you can learn the best ways to trigger attraction in each type of woman, you’re going to be a very busy man.

Stripper Approaches

Neil Strauss aka Style - When a stripper comes up to you say “Of all the people at the table, you picked the wrong guy. I’m completely gay”. Follow up with “why don’t you take my seat and talk to my friend, I’m keeping you from making money”...

How To Attract Quality Women

Michael W - Have you ever "rationalized" something to yourself? Something that deep down felt wrong, but you rationalized it as "okay"? And then, of course, ultimately, everything became very clear that in fact it was not "okay"?

Supermodels Actresses Pornstars

Brad P - I can tell you a bit about getting the mid-level models/actresses/dancers/porno girls.

Picking Up 9s and 10s

Badboy - Most guys believe that 9s and 10s are super hard to get and that for them you need to have ultra-strong game. This is not true. While the game you play on those women is different, it's not inherently easier or harder.